Liivapõhja Xena

(Liivapõhja Well Made Junior x Liivapõhja Sandra)
Gender: female
d.o.b: 06.05.2015
Colour: black & white (carries ee-red, chocolate, tricolour)
Height: 50 cm
Eyes: clear with gonioscopy
NCL5, TNS, IGS, DM, SN, MDR1, EAOD, RS- clear (tested)
CEA, BCG – carrier (tested)
ED: 0/0
Show results: EST CH, 1x RES-CACIB
Sport results: KK-2 (national obedience), AG-1, OB-1, RO-4
Passed therapy dog suitability test 12.11.2017

Xena is an outgoing, driven and well-balanced female. She is very biddable and willing to please. In everyday life she is a true princess, she is usually silent, rarely barks and always wants to be clean. but Xena loves people, she is neutral and doesn’t care much about other dogs. She has a good on/off switch and great food and toy motivation. Xena’s favourite sport is definitely frisbee, she has a wonderful jump style but sadly we have no frisbee competitions and due to this she can not prove herself. Xena competes in agility, national obedience, obedience and rally obedience. She truly enjoys any sport and any activities we take part in.


 Xena and Dessu in a video about the breed: